Finding my own voice-Introduction

It’s been a struggle, really. I’m not entirely new to blogging, but for upwards of a decade and a half, I spent my entire day (and sometimes night as well) writing in someone else’s voice while my own writing and other creative pursuits dwindled to almost nothing. When it came time to put that period of my life behind me (yes, I’m a retired Boomer), I discovered that my own writing voice and style had disappeared.

Going beyond the limited vocabulary used in business communications is a huge challenge for me because I’ve forgotten so many words (English is my first language, but it’s not the one I use every day). My biggest stumbling block is falling into cliches, like the one I just used to describe the difficulty I have.

I’m currently taking’s “Blogging for Beginners” and while I might not be a complete beginner to the tech behind a blog, my goal in this course is to relearn to write and learn the ins-and-outs of blogging with others.

I hope you’ll join me, but for the meantime, my writing attempts are being published privately until I feel confident enough to share them with you.

If you’re already here, maybe you’d like to read these other posts?

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One writer's quest to rediscover her writing mojo, with a little help from her friends

11 thoughts on “Finding my own voice-Introduction

    1. Actually, let me add them here in case it helps someone else, too.

      About a year ago, I worked my way through an older email course from WPcom that you can find on Blogging U Currently I’m auditing a writing course through There are a variety of writing courses available there, so look for one that speaks to you.

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      1. Just took a quick look at the “old” course and plan to keep the link available for use in the not too distant future. I could tell by looking at the titles and subjects of some of the posts it will be a good place to dig for tips to get my blog closer to where I want it to be.

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  1. I love what you are doing design wise and also your writing. Thank you for posting in a way that helps other course participants. Being a little behind you in the course – I joined late – and despite having had a webpage, I’m not very tech savvy, nor have I spent much time blogging (except when on holidays). You inspire me to find out more and aim for really beautiful pages.

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    1. Hello Jude, thank you for your kind words. I can’t really claim to have done anything special in setting up my site. The theme (Stow) is pretty much straight out of the box and at the moment I’m working on the course assignment to try and tweak it a bit. Who knows where that will lead! LOL

      (Edited to add that apparently I don’t even know which theme I’m using! LOL It’s Shawburn, not Stow.)


    1. I agree and at the same time I’m amazed at people who flourished and were creative during the pandemic. I felt like (and to a certain extent, still feel like) I had cotton stuffed between my ears. Will make sure to visit your site soon.


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