Block Basics

Experiment with the block editor by drafting a blog post using at least 3 different blocks. Be creative! Blogging for Beginners

Have to love that “Be creative!” That there is the biggest hurdle, right?

At least three different blocks. And “Be creative!” Are there certain blocks that encourage creativity? If I put text next to a picture is that considered creative?

Having thus seen how ceramic productions illustrate the art ideas of all nations, having touched upon the influence of pottery upon art in general, and having glanced at its present aims and possible accomplishments, it will not be forgotten, after what has just been said, that the combination of the useful and the beautiful is the great charm of the ceramic art, making between them a new beauty which finds its best place in the household.

That is an interesting thing called a Block Pattern and it comes with all kinds of options after you add it, but no information about working with it. A link to some kind of explanation would be helpful. I mean, I can click and add something to my post and say “Hey, that’s nice!” but knowing more about what I’m adding or how to change it is better.

I did discover that the big question mark in the lower right corner of the editor screen allows you to search for information without leaving the editor or opening a new window.

  • December 9th – Signed up for Blogging for Beginners

  • December 10th – Completed first assignment: Introduction

  • December 12th – Completed second assignment: Block Basics

And that is a Timeline block. The settings are very confusing! I don’t understand how I changed the text color in the sidebar in the top entry, but can’t call up that setting again to change it in the bottom one?

Some blocks require you to have a Premium subscription or better. Is it really worth $100 a year?

  • uploading video directly to your site and embedding
  • nearly all payment options
  • Calendly
  • What’sApp button

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