Be Brave

Three weeks ago, life was returning to something resembling pre-pandemic. We dined in a restaurant, went out for coffee on a whim and met with vaccinated friends, unmasked and indoors. Our government removed both the indoor mask mandate and the limitation on how many people could congregate indoors and we started thinking about going to a movie. The pandemic was finally beginning to recede from our thoughts, especially with the extremely low number of new cases and no new deaths. Then the Delta variant arrived.

Almost overnight, new daily cases topped 200 per day, hitting 500 per day during this last week alone. The more unsettling aspect was the large number of vaccinated people who tested positive for the Delta variant. That has thrown me into a full-fledged lock-down funk, whether government imposed or not, and I am not coping well this time around. Anxiety is not my friend.

Outdoor activities do offer some relief, both mental and physical. Before August showed up last week with its heat and humidity, we went out early in the morning to one of our more urban national parks, both to avoid the traffic en route and the above-mentioned heat and humidity. This park is now surrounded by apartment buildings. Truly an oasis in the city.

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To help ease my mind until it’s possible to get out during the day (without taking your own personal steam bath with you), I’ve been listening to nature sounds on Here are a couple of my favorites: Japanese Garden and Northern Woodland. Hope you enjoy these and, if you do, please consider donating to the site.

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5 thoughts on “Be Brave

  1. I like those soundscapes and your lovely pictures. I will save those links, thank you. I know what you mean about the overnight rising of numbers. It feels like it’s soaring again. In the UK, the hospitalisations are rising but a lot slower than the winter, but it does feel stressful still.

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    1. Glad to hear you enjoyed the soundscapes. They make for wonderful listening instead of the road noise we have.

      Covid is going to be with us for some time to come, I’m afraid, and I’m finding I need to make a mental shift if I’m to cope with continuing to be mostly indoors. After spending most of the last 15 months doing things online, that no longer holds much attraction for me. Not quite sure yet what I’ll be doing instead.

      Stay well. Looking at it from here, I think Boris is in too much of a hurry to relax restrictions. We certainly didn’t think we’d get pounded the way we’ve been in the last 10 days!

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  2. It’s so good to get outside in nature and just.. shake off the claustrophobia of being trapped indoors. With all the storms in the East (and we can’t forget the fires in the West), a lot of people are spending more time indoors, and it gets old. It’s so nice that you have a park to get out and visit! It’s beautiful!
    Stay safe and have a lovely week!


    1. Most definitely good to get out in nature, breathe and relax. There are so many of us trying to do just that, that our national parks have timed tickets!

      Stay safe!

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      1. You’re kidding.. I did not know that!
        We’re fortunate to live in the middle of nowhere, which means we don’t have many parks but, we do have larger yards. 😅

        Thank you! You too!


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